Fun Fact:

Mikee's favorite hobby is tending to and loving on her 11 pet chickens, 3 cats and her German Shepard. Slowing down and being apart of nature with her animals is therapeutic for her and a great reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. 

Mikee believes that each individual has the strength within to cultivate wellness. She enjoys assisting her clients to explore their positive qualities, master the utilization of effective coping skills that promote contentment, and find purpose and confidence in all avenues of life. By guiding clients as they explore their current thought process and/or negative experiences, Mikee promotes positive outlooks and perspective. In the past four years she has taken on an integrative approach to therapy with the focus on mind, body and spirit. She finds that practicing mindfulness and meditation to be effective and necessary for change. Mikee is easily able to understand each individual as one with purpose, no matter what circumstances or experiences they have come from. She believes that everybody has the capacity and strength to create positive change. Based on her current and past experience as a counselor, Mikee's positive outlook, nonjudgmental attitude and supportive nature helps her clients to leave therapy feeling confident and closer to overall fulfillment. Mikee is a mother of four energetic and humorous boys that keep her busy when she is not working. She recognizes the importance in finding a perfect balance in all areas of her life and has a passion for assisting women and mothers in finding their balance as well!

Mikee L. Krieg MA, LPC